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Welcome to my website
Written by Grandma Pat   

Welcome to the Website, Yes, it's Grandma Pat speaking, and I hope you enjoy yourself whilst you are here.

Very shortly, you will find a vast assortment of pages to look at � from the excerpts from my book, to the recipes, the history of Cannabis, my list of famous personalities, who tell the stories of when they first tried it � plus what it did or did not do for them, and of course the T-shirts, which are all the rage at the moment.

The page is currently very much in development and if you would check back in the next day or two, you will find everything is set up and ready to go!

I have some first edition T-Shirts, which are all signed by me � so you never know, maybe one day they will be worth something for you. Very soon, we'll have Hot Chocolate mugs, tea towels and maybe even things like biscuit cutters and kitchen things

I will have a set of 4 different recipes every month, consisting of a starter, main course, dessert and, of course, (�the convenience snack� � which will always be possible to make in under five minutes.) Hope you enjoy them, plus I have so many friends, who like yourself, see The Cannabis Plant as a herb, and means of producing paper, clothing, rope, fuel and all manners of other useful things.

The web page will be updated constantly, and we will soon have forums, newsletters and news about what's happening in my life and in the world of cannabis activism.

Please feel free to have a wander around the website, join up if you like and join the community!


Grandma Pat.

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